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  • Temple Hours - Weekdays - 10:00 a.m to Noon and 5:00 p.m to 8:30 p.m. Weekends - 9:00 a.m to 8:30 p.m
                  A Multi Deity Hindu and Jain Temple
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Rules and Regulations for Use of Facilities

1.     NO NON-VEGETARIAN FOOD, ALCOHOL BEVERAGES, SMOKING of any kind, ILLEGAL DRUGS or Harmful WEAPONS are permitted on the premises or it’s grounds, including Parking Lots.

2.     The Bharatiya Temple and Bharatiya Cultural Center board of directors may deny any application should circumstances warrant.

3.     Evening events MUST be terminated by 11:00pm (the hall must have been cleaned and vacated). Party vacating the premises after 11:01pm agrees to forfeit the deposit.

4.     Use of rental facility will not interfere with the corridors, fire exists, and common areas of the temple. The restrooms shall remain open for all visitors/devotees during the event / program.  The organization or person(s) renting the facility will be responsible for the function such that no disturbance is caused to the Temple activities on the 2nd floor.  The temple is open to all devotees during regular hours.

5.     Automobiles must be parked in designated parking areas only. Parking regulations should be strictly observed, particularly the no parking signs and handicapped areas and fire lanes.

6.     All equipment and material brought into the premises must be specifically mentioned on the application form and approved.

7.     If rental furniture is used they must be received by the lessee and stored at a place designated by the manager. They must be removed at the end of the event/program either for storage or immediate pick-up.

8.     A representative of the sponsoring organization shall assume responsibility for making appropriate announcements to all in attendance pertaining to regulations on eating and shoe policy in unauthorized areas.

9.     After the function is over, any materials brought in to the facility, including decoration materials should be removed completely, and all furniture should be put back properly. All spills, spilled food, spilled water etc., should be cleaned. No unused food should be left behind. Limited cleaning material and equipment are available at the premises. Failure to follow above will forfeit the entire deposit.

10. During temple hours, the event cannot set-up tables on the 1st floor in the area where shoes rack and water fountain is located.  Set-up in this area will interfere with traffic of the temple visitors.

11. ALL trash must be taken to the trash dumpster located behind the temple. No trash is to be left near the temple building or near the doors.

12. All activities must have adult supervision. Children of the attendees must NOT run freely on the temple floor during the event or play with the water fountains and elevator, etc.

13. Temple and cultural center property shall not be damaged. Special care should be taken to protect chairs, tables, kitchen, equipment, bath room fixtures, curtains and audio visual equipment. Decorations should be done as to not damage the walls or ceiling tiles while fixing them or removing them.

14. Signs, banners, or other promotional or advertising placards may not be hung, placed or otherwise displayed on any part of the property unless special permission is granted in writing at the time of application. Permission to do so does not represent an endorsement of program or philosophy by the Bharatiya Temple and or the Bharatiya Cultural Center

15. Prior notification is required if homam (havan) is required to address the issue of fire and smoke hazards.

16. The auditorium, dining hall and all other facilities shall be restored to original order by putting back tables, chairs etc., in their respective places.

17. Persons and/or organizations making use of the buildings and/or ground facilities of the Bharatiya Temple and Bharatiya Cultural Center under a property executed agreement are not afforded public liability, property damage, or any type of insurance protection under the insurance policies of the Bharatiya Temple or Bharatiya Cultural Center.  Only the Bharatiya Temple and Bharatiya Cultural Center are covered.

18. There will be no vendors or sale of any articles unless prior approval is obtained.

19. Only the part of the facility specifically mentioned in the application shall be used.

20. Organization must comply with state laws, local ordinances, and rules of the police and fire departments regarding public assemblies.

21. Auditoriums, dressing rooms, corridors, bath rooms and outside areas must be maintained clean.

22. Due to the state and local fire department regulations the capacity of the auditorium and dining hall shall not exceed the limit.

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