BTI Committees


BTI Committees

The Mission of Bharatiya Temple Inc (BTI) is to:
Preserve and enhance the Indian Religion and Culture through unity, diversity and education.

The Charter of BTI is to identify, plan and execute religious activities; preserve traditional values of Hindu and Jain religions; and to promote mutual respect and understanding for different religious traditions and beliefs of the diversified Indian community.

BTI Committees

BTI Committees

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  • Temple Hours - Weekdays - 10:00 a.m to Noon and 5:00 p.m to 8:30 p.m. Weekends - 9:00 a.m to 8:30 p.m
                  A Multi Deity Hindu and Jain Temple
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Executive Committees and Charters


1) Religious Programs Committee:
Chairperson: Nand Todi, 215-699-0406,

Mission Statement: The mission of Religious Programs committee is to: identify, plan and execute religious activities of the Temple; preserve traditional values of Hindu and Jain religions; and promote mutual respect and understanding for different religious traditions and beliefs of diversified Indian community.

Specific Roles and Responsibilities:
• Prepare daily and weekly religious activity schedule
• Prepare monthly religious calendars for Bharatiya Temple
• Identify, plan and coordinate religious functions of Hindu and Jain religions following Indian religious calendars
• Prepare fliers for religious activities with Puja details, sponsorship etc. for publication
• Monitor and ensure timely performance of religious activities
• Responsible for flowers, garlands, fruits and puja material requirements
• Plan and coordinate preparation, collection and distribution of Prasad for religious functions
• Responsible for arranging Bhajan, Satsang, Katha etc. in the Temple by visiting religious groups
• Implement and follow general Temple policies and procedures
• Responsible for maintaining general cleanliness and peaceful atmosphere in the temple hall
• Monitor priests’ duties, schedule, fees, etc
• Monitor cooperation and coordination between all priests to maintain coherent atmosphere in the temple

2) Gift Shop Committee:
Chairperson: Alli Natesh, 267-546-7711,

Mission Statement: The mission of the General Administration Committee is to carry out the day to day administrative functions.

Specific Roles and Responsibilities:
• Management of the Gift shop: This includes stocking of the supplies for sales, collecting and issuing of receipts to the devotees that make donations at the temple. They shall manage sponsorships of archanas, abhishikam and various poojas. The committee chair person shall collect and route forms submitted for sponsorships, mailing list, hall rental, Bharatiya Vidyalaya enrollment etc.
• Management of phone system and phone messages: Create and up keep the automated voicemail system. Update the automated voicemail message with up coming events. The chairperson shall retrieve voicemail messages and route them to the appropriate committee chairs on a regular basis.
• The committee chair person shall remit from the gift shop for expenses incurred by other committee members for items with receipts and for amount not to exceed $50 or for an amount approved by a board member.
• During the Gift Shop working hours the attendants shall maintain general up keeping of lobby cleanliness including flyer bins, cleaning windows in lobby, removing trash etc
• Ordering of tickets and distribution of these tickets to the volunteers for special events like shows and fundraisers etc.
• Maintain First aid kit, emergency contact list, temple operational manual etc.

3) Capital & Construction Committee:
Chairperson: Nand Todi, 215-699-0406,

Mission Statement: To identify, plan, and execute capital projects

Specific Roles and Responsibilities:
• Prepare and review plans for all construction as well as renovations.
• Consult and communicate with Sthapati, other architects and contractors.
• Obtain necessary clearance from township and county authorities.
• Supervise the timely progress of work and report to the Board of Directors.

4) Maintenance Committee:
Chairperson: Dilip Sheth, 267-884-3515,

Mission Statement: The mission of maintenance committee is to create and maintain a clean environment of the premises.

Specific Roles and Responsibilities:
• Maintenance of parking grounds
• General maintenance of building and property (including adjacent house and yard)
• Kitchen and rest room supplies
• Maintenance of landscape and lawn care
• Management of cleaning crew

5) Resource Committee:
Chairperson: Dixal Patel, 610-291-7493,

Mission Statement: The mission of resource committee is to provide volunteer support in programs

Specific Roles and Responsibilities:
• Operation and maintenance of the audio & visual systems for temple and cultural center’s programs (including training of personnel renting facilities for private functions)
• Attract and keep broad based volunteers that would provide services in different areas of the organizations’ needs.

6) Fundraising Committee:
Chairperson: Nimish Sanghrajka, 215-646-1998,

Mission Statement: To raise funds for the benefit of the organization to cover its capital and operational.

Specific Roles and Responsibilities:
The committee shall make recommendations regarding various fund raising programs and events to the Board of Directors. Once the programs / events are approved, the committee shall work with other committees in soliciting pledges and donations and following up on pledges. This committee shall be responsible for:
• Pledges / Donation collection
• Membership drive
• Plan and execute fundraising programs / events
• Identify ad maintain a list of corporations that have matching programs and encourage employee to make contributions to the organization.

7) Member Services:
Chairperson: Jayesh Parmar, 267-210-0052

Mission Statement:Appropriately recognize our current and future members and their benefits along with enhancing the member experience.

Specific Roles and Responsibilities:

• Keep up to date list of all membership levels including Trustees, Patrons, Life members as well as Annual members.
• Keep up to date contact info for each member.
• Setup membership drives during major functions.
• Encourage member only benefits during BTI/BCC programs.
• Advertise matching contribution program.  Keep up-to-date matching forms from all known companies that match.  Follow up with devotees to ensure matching.
• Mange recurring payments.

8) Priest Committee:
Chairperson: Mohinder Sardana, 610-584-5989,

Mission Statement: To provide responsive, fair, personal and professional service and counsel to the priests on human resource questions and issues so the priests can be productive and grow, and be recognized and respected for his individual worth and dignity.

Specific Roles and Responsibilities:
• This committee functions as a guardian of the priests welfare and rights, at the same time monitoring proper functioning of the priests making sure that the priests work together content and as a team.
• All priests report to this committee for guidance in human relations related conduct in the Temple.
• Priest’s outsourcing schedule is coordinated by this committee. This schedule is coordinated with religious programs committee.
• Priests financial compensation matters are also coordinated by this committee
• Any disputes among the priests are to be handled by this committee preliminarily and then recommendations are forwarded to the Board if felt necessary.
• This committee will have no control or input on Temple programs or activities of the priests during daily temple hours or during special events (this is the responsibility of the religious committee) unless there is a dispute in question involving the priests.
• The committee shall operate in a manner not interfering with the religious committee, which will decide on all religious activities of the temple.
• No priest will make any independent decisions with regards to any temple related activities without prior authorization of the religious committee. This committee will not interfere in these matters.
• PMC will also be responsible for any disciplinary actions that may be required when any Priest does not follow the norms and guidelines of the Temple.

9) Public Relations & Communications Committee:
Chairperson: Rutuke Patel, 267-664-5085,

Mission Statement: The committee is the BTI/BCC’s principle liaison to the community, area organizations, corporations and the news media to communicate the organization’s programs and policies and to promote the organization’s mission.

Specific Roles and Responsibilities:
• Publish and mail organizations’ newsletter and issue organizations’ e-mails
• Maintain the information booth, bulletin Boards and supporters list on the premises.
• Maintain the database including supporters list (Only chairperson to maintain)
• Maintain the organizations’ website and signage.
• Maintain and issue organizations’ letterhead to other committees
• Coordinate the effort and publish organizations’ souvenirs & brochures
• Maintain and publish the organization’s donation/pledge forms.
• Author/lead and or guide other committees in matters related to advertisements, press conferences and news releases.
• Design & procure merchandise for organization branding.
• Host and provide tours to schools, churches, and other such requests

10) Prasad Committee:
Chairperson: Mahendra Gupta, 484-716-6104,

Mission Statement: Provide prasad (holy food), offered to God during worship and served to devotees as God’s Blessings.

Specific Roles and Responsibilities:
• Dedicated Team members prepares & cook prasad for 18-20 festivities & pujas’ during the year and serves to 200- 500 devotees each time. For each function, we meet, discuss menu and share responsibilities to ensure each prasad serving is successful.

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