BCC Committees


BCC Committees

The Mission of Bharatiya Cultural Center (BCC) is to:

Preserve and enhance the Indian Cultural heritage through unity, diversity and education.

Its Charter is fulfilled by the following Committees:

BCC Committees

BCC Committees

Topic #1 Description

  • Temple Hours - Weekdays - 10:00 a.m to Noon and 5:00 p.m to 8:30 p.m. Weekends - 9:00 a.m to 8:30 p.m
                  A Multi Deity Hindu and Jain Temple
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Executive Committees and Charters

1) Health & Human Services Committee:
Chairperson: Babu Medi, B.Pharm, Ph.D, 979-204-3185, medibabu@yahoo.com
Co-Chair: Anjan Dave, M.S.; MBA, 610-737-0278, anjancd@hotmail.com
Mission Statement: To provide health related information in a welcoming backdrop with the ability to provide health information, when needed, in one of the 13 major languages in India.
 Specific Roles and Responsibilities:
• Identify, plan, and implement professional medical seminars
• Arrange health fairs, bone marrow, vaccine clinics, CPR training and blood drives.
• Create, maintain, and communicate an outreach program consisting of professional volunteers from which the needy can benefit.
 2) Education Committee:
Chairperson: Rita Sheth, (484) 374-00825, mynapa83@gmail.com
 Mission Statement: To facilitate opportunities and engage in activities geared towards familiarity and deeper knowledge of Indian heritage through education.
 Specific Roles and Responsibilities:
• Education
o Library: Manage all aspects related to the library including collection of books, CDs/Tapes, sorting and arranging on shelves, maintaining a database, managing a check-in/out process, implementation of library hours and volunteer attendants.
o Identify, plan and implement lectures by visiting scholars and experts relating to Indian history and culture.
o Maintain contact with academic centers, museums and cultural centers
• Philosophy/Vedanta
o Identify, plan and implement lecture series/study groups
o Topic specific lectures or pravachans
o Young adult study circle, Navajyoti, for 15 through 21 year olds
o Adult study circle
o Manage all aspects related to Yoga instruction and seminars
o Manage all aspects related meditation classes/seminars
 3) Cultural Committee:
Chairperson: Sonal Makwana, (302) 743-1964, BCC.Culture@gmail.com
Mission Statement: To promote, organize and carryout culturally relevant activities/services at Bharatiya Cultural Center and within the community, relating to music, dance, arts, cuisine, language, social habits and social awareness that propagate the Indian culture while embracing the new traditions of our adopted homeland.
Specific Roles and Responsibilities:
• Organize cultural programs for holidays and festivals of interest, including but not limited to, Lohri/Makar Sankranti, Holi, Ugadi/Baisakhi, Ganesh Festival, Navratri and Diwali.
• Organize fitness/wellness programs relating to dance and music with focus on cultural integration and social interaction.
• Organize cultural programs/events with other local organizations and community groups to foster a greater appreciation and understanding of the Indian culture.
• Organize all aspects related to music and dance classes (both classical and non-classical).
• Organize trips to various cultural programs and events of interest within the tri-state area.
• Provide community service opportunities/activities for adults and children within the local area relating to cultural areas of interest including the arts, music, dance, fitness, cuisine, language and travel to educate and foster a greater understanding of our cultural and social norms and traditions.
4) Women’s Group:
Chairperson: Kavita Shah, (908) 580-1627, kavitags101@gmail.com
Mission Statement: The BCC Women’s Group will identify and implement projects of interest to women, such as career and professional development, health related issues, legal issues, emotional support, social activities, and volunteer opportunities. The purpose of this group is to enable women in BTI/BCC community to come together to interact, network, share ideas, participate in a variety of activities in a compassionate and respectable forum to help them to handle their challenges, share personal experiences, and establish social connections.
Specific Roles and Responsibilities:
• Organize discussions/seminars related to women
• Invite guest speakers/professional experts for presentations on topics of interest
• Hold classes/workshops (e.g. English speaking classes, hobby clubs, art classes, skincare and make-up classes, meditation classes, healthy eating and lifestyle, finance management class etc.)
• Organize book discussion/club (to meet at least 4 times a year)
• Organize family activities
• Create volunteer opportunities to provide a sense of community
• Provide opportunities to encourage social interaction, such as, cooking demonstrations, entertaining group programs, activities to encourage artistic expression, group travel opportunities, and recreational activities
5) Youth Group Committee:
Chairperson: Preeti Tailor, 215-868-4831, preeti.tailor@gmail.com
Mission Statement: In partnership with committed adult advisors, the mission of the Youth Group is to help develop and showcase youth with qualities like leadership, strong values, social conscience, resourcefulness, and self-reliance and to prepare young people so they can make informed choices and become positive contributing citizens.

Specific Roles and Responsibilities: Organize all aspects relates to:
• Youth Group Mentoring and Issues
o Guest Speakers related to youth
o Read literature pertaining to any given social and cultural issue, and then discuss
o Mentoring (big brother/sister, college entrance preparation, homework help, etc)
• Community Service Projects
o “Walk A Thons”
o Volunteer time at a hospital/nursing home
o Car Wash
o Adopt a family
o Food drive (Diwali, Thanksgiving, etc)
o Asian Day of Service
• Volunteer at the programs of the organization
• Field trips, recreation, and entertainment
o Annual Picnic
o Movie Night
o Field trips
o New years Eve program
o Recreational programs

6) Senior Citizen Group:
Chairperson: Gautam Shroff, (267) 261-5682, gautam1944@gmail.com
Mission Statement: Enrich the lives of our seniors by providing them necessary support, motivating them through various activities and offer them something with fun always in mind.
Specific Roles and Responsibilities:
Senior support group would help seniors in the area to be with their age group. There will be organized activities at BCC regarding seniors. We will create a group that will work with our seniors. We will make our elders aware that there are people in our community who cares for them and ready to help.

Activities: Yoga, Art & crafts, Movies, games, health fair, seminars, group bhajans, organized trips, etc.
7) Bharatiya Vidyalaya:
Chairperson: Praveen Sharma, 215-361-0145, pravsharma@hotmail.com
Mission Statement: Develop awareness of Indian cultural heritage, traditions and values. Develop basic reading, writing and communication skills in various Indian languages. Bharatiya Vidyalaya vision is to teach, foster and preserve Indian cultural and spiritual values for the benefit of children.

Specific Roles and Responsibilities:
• Selection of curriculum, books, teachers, volunteers
• Registration process, child must be attending kindergarten (pre-kindergarten is not eligible)
• Offer religion, language and cultural classes based on resources – space and instructors
• Establish yearly class calendar close to local school district calendar and observe public holidays
• Collect registration fee, as approved by board of directors (family membership of BCC is required)
• Provide support to other functions organized by various committees
• Organize feedback sessions as appropriate
• Establish / implement rules of conduct appropriate to school environment
• Organize annual presentation.
• Organize Mother’s Day and Father’s Day program.
8) Special Needs Support Group:
Chairperson: Vijaya Raminani, 267-640-7599, raminaniv@yahoo.com
Mission Statement: Our mission is to help create peace of mind for individual and families of individual with disabilities, provide feeling of acceptance for all and make an empathetic connection with families dealing with similar situations.

Specific Roles and Responsibilities:
• Arrange indoor and outdoor activities for individuals with disabilities, such as bowling, dances, museum trip, adventure park trips etc
• Provide emotional support to families going through difficult times
• Participate in activities by other national organizations
• Provide information for resources needed for families with disability
• Arrange for information sessions helpful to families
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