Annual Puja Sponsorship


Annual Puja Sponsorship


Annual Puja Sponsorship

Annual Puja Sponsorship

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Annual Puja Sponsorships

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Most common religious practice in Hinduism is performing Pujas in Temples. Pujas mean worshipping or honoring the Gods. Performing Pujas is important because it involves not just a formal veneration of the Gods and Goddesses, but entering into a personal bond with the deities. There are many different Pujas performed in Temples like Archana, Abhishekam, Homam and so on. Regular participation in such pujas strengthens the personal bond between Gods and devotees.

We perform many Pujas in Bharatiya Temple on a weekly and or monthly basis. In order to make frequent participation of pujas throughout a year more convenient for devotees, we are introducing an Annual Puja Sponsorships program. You may consider one-time sponsorship for a month or the whole year for selected pujas as shown in the accompanying form. This will enable the priests to take Sankalpam on your behalf even when you are not present for the pujas. After performing the puja on your behalf, the Kumkum Prasad will be mailed to your address.

Please circle the puja you would like to sponsor and enter your name and other details in the Annual Puja sponsorship Form and send it to:

Siva Anantuni at or Alli Natesh at

All donations to Bharatiya Temple and Bharatiya Cultural Center are tax deductible.

Bharatiya Temple Tax ID: 23-2959416

Bharatiya Cultural Center Tax ID: 76-0706802

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